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A sparrow felled by a spider;
spun stunned into a silk captive,
oak-bodied wings wrestling, then still.

The stickleg matron observes her prize,
(weighty body like a pendant of the web).
I see the abacus clicking in her eyes,
teeth poised for combat,
death professor considering a final grade.

A single feather like a flower on the floor;
sunbeams strike a beak forever closed.
Black beads alight on the heaven-bound body,
sipping the fine wine, the blood of the bird.
'Unktomi' is the Sioux word for spider. Sometimes also spelled Iktomi, Inktomi, or Iktome.
The sour soil from which another you has sprouted.
No sweetness in the union of man and homely bride.

I wring my dour eyes, clean pacifiers,
rock the restless one to sleep.
I dream of molding bones to bird wings.
Gliding night-like to the sky.

Replace the oven pilot light.
Set the wash cycle to cold.
Title is the name of a popular oven cleaner. Inspired by Sylvia Plath and my failed romances.
Egg breath, pumping your rusty iron
below the prying eyes of progress
surrounded by pencil pleasurers:
and I, unwilling witness, my eyes
baptized by unholy fire -
unconsummated desecration
of our shared office space.

Three fabric walls; your sticky fingers:
oh! the sights that I wish to undo.
Hand me thy push pins
that I might pull an Oedipus.
Drive out your little demons
on less well-trodden ground.
St John the Pervert
I accidentally came across my coworker masturbating in his cubicle.
Moon-crested jungle-cat mother,
reigning supreme over prehistoric princesses,
a goddess besmeared with the glowing juice
of late-night drag walks and sleeved hearts,
who runs rabbit with queens and fluid June
jumpers, striding down the emerald aisles
of theory and fancy, calling nothing home
but justice.

Strings of fate bind tighter than blood.
We find our families in trees and boxes,
on classroom rosters or barstools
rather than wombs and natural cradles.
Genetics do not define the pull
of the yearning soul or sate
the itch inside, which reaches
for some tender hand in the darkness
to pull one from the chilling earth.

How we find our kin cannot be replicated
by the toss of DNA die. But in the fretting
of this windswept mortal sea, I give gratitude
to have been pulled
into your soothing tide.
Birthday poem for a friend.
And in this phantasm, flu-dream:
the slender hind, oak-bodied elk
trumpets out in the foggy elms,
soak-mossed and frog-hailed,
weeping of their tribulations
from the fires of ages,
horns scorched by human thunder;

an archivist owl scribes down
every fairy birth in the willows,
recipes for elf-balm and shot-heal,
gossip from the rabbit den,
chittering of new twigs and thistles,
renunciations of cursed hounds
never to heel at the beck
of another master
but to wander, lost, a bastard race
to die in the crack-hallow pines;

undines diving, caked with frond
and froth in the wind-swept hollow,
their ponds pith and pitch with soot,
sooth-saying of ship-wrecks on far-tossed
shores, dreaming of mergirls with pearl eyes
and pebble teeth, to comb cockles from their hair,
to kiss the breath of sailor death
into their dark backwater mouths;

a grain of sand, a cup of tea,
misery lamented, one dark drop of ink
on a fingertip - my words so described -
to smudge the tabletop of time
with my twittering tremble,
to darken the halls of the ancients,
buffed gleaming like dagger of Romeo's doom,
with my step -
so hesitant, a quaver, like hoof before harpoon -
seems sacrilege.

Do not send Dickenson's Fire Brigade for me.
These words will musk and oleander like a bouquet:
better to spread for the birds to pick
and weave into a cradle.
Lule is Albanian for "flower."


Taralitha's Profile Picture
Cameron Fèidh Sídhe
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
I am a transgender, disabled, published author of two poetry compilations. My work has been featured in several compilations and specialty publications as well as student newspapers and other outlets.

Currently I attend University of Illinois-Chicago, majoring in British Literature and minoring in Classics and Gender and Women's Studies. I intend to pursue a graduate degree in Conflict Studies, with the hopes of becoming a professor and consultant aiming to eradicate sexual violence against women and the disabled and understanding sexual violence and the dynamics of disability throughout history. I work at two nonprofits, the Better Business Bureau and Porchlight Counseling Services, a nonprofit which provides free counseling to individuals who have been sexually assaulted during college. In my free time I kayak, care for my two ferrets and guinea pig, read nonfiction focusing on anthropology and criminology, and learn more about any topic that strikes my fancy. I hope to move to Scotland upon completion of my undergraduate degree and am seeking a Fulbright to continue my research.

Professionally, academically, and personally, I conduct and pursue research related to disability, sexual violence, gender, spirituality, and interdisciplinary methods of understanding the links between these subjects. Those who are interested in these avenues of study are free to contact me at
Slowly but surely I'm edging my way along the corridor of life. Things are moving along in strange jumps and starts. My future is secure but lacking, and I'm slightly afraid. I'm working on a Fulbright proposal but don't have an affiliate. Anyone who has any idea of a professional in Scotland who would be interested in a project exploring disability, gender, and spirituality in prehistoric Scotland should definitely contact me.

Other than that, life is plodding along. School starts in one day less than a month and I have a great deal to do to prepare. My ex-boyfriend is being gun-shy about seeing me, and that relationship is petering out. I expect that within the month we will have stopped talking completely. This is disappointing. Other than that, I am horribly bored at my main job and terribly energized about my second one, and slightly embarrassed about the amount of money I'm making there. Things are moving. Just not as I had intended.

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